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doTERRA Essential Oils - why I chose them

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

I always look for the purest and only necessary ingredients in a products. If an ingredient doesn't need to be in the product but it is in there I simply don't buy it. It isn't just my motto I made it my hobby and pride myself in reading every ingredient label on every product I purchase. Of course there are always companies that trick you and simply don't list all their ingredients but those companies are simply cut out and not purchased from. I felt betrayed and deceived to find out how we, the customers, are mislead by fancy labels advertising healthy products which simply are not if you take the time reading the labels. I try not to buy processed foods and only organic however we all know it isn't always possible, unfortunately.... I like things simple and natural, without fuzz and all the extras.

doTERRA delivers just that. Their essential oils are simple, pure and without any additives, chemicals, fillers or preservatives. doTERRA goes above and beyond and so much so they created a new product standard, called CPTG - Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade - which means the oils are so pure they can even be ingested bringing a whole new spectrum of using and benefiting from these essential oils and what nature has to offer. It simply is amazing and I have not come across any other company that does the same. So doTERRA's Essential Oils are certainly for me, my loved ones and family.

doTERRA oils are beyond organic and follow strict testing procedures from start to finish. All ingredients are ethically sourced, mostly from small local farms of the regions the herbs, plants and trees are harvested from. Everything is done in the most sustainable way, supporting the environment and families involved for generations to come.

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